THE GUARDIAN: College volleyball players accused of anti-semitism for not kneeling during Israeli national anthem

According to the Guardian,

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, meanwhile, said in a statement: “At a time of increased antisemitism in our country, including on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, we demand to know what steps Brooklyn College intends to take with regard to this display of antisemitism by members of its volleyball team. The ball is in their court.”

BREAKING: RT: “Thugs” break into homes of Russian journalists in Turkey

Public domain image

RT reports

Simonyan tweeted that three separate groups, each numbering about 10 hooligans, swooped on the flats of three agency’s employees, hurling threats and accusing them of betraying their homeland, Turkey, for doing journalistic work for the Russian outlet.

I have not yet found any Turkish media stories about these events.

THE GUARDIAN: U.S. college fires more than 50 graduate assistants for remaining on strike

According to the Guardian,

The 54 UC Santa Cruz graduate students who received termination letters on Friday are just a fraction of the 233 graduate student instructors and teaching assistants who have refused to submit nearly 12,000 grades from the fall quarter since December.