The International Olympic Committee has a new president

The Associated Press reports that the man who was expected to replace the retiring Jacques Rogge has indeed been voted into that post.

Thomas Bach was elected president of the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday, keeping the powerful sports body in European hands.

Bach, a 59-year-old German lawyer, succeeds Jacques Rogge, the Belgian who is stepping down after 12 years as head of the Olympic body.

Bach, the long-time favorite, defeated five rival candidates in the secret balloting. He received 49 votes in the second round to secure a winning majority. Richard Carrion of Puerto Rico finished second with 29 votes.

The Chicago Tribune examines Rogge’s record and suggests there is a gigantic flaw.

Yet Rogge chose a hands-off approach to the human rights issues that surrounded the 2008 Beijing Summer Games and now have caused problems for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, leaving the IOC open to criticism it does not stand behind the ideals expressed in the OIympic Charter.

Olympic historian David Wallechinsky of Los Angeles said there was “no excuse” for Rogge’s silence when China broke promises about right to protest and free flow of information at the Olympics.

“I feel he should have spoken up (on Sochi) just using his bully pulpit,” Wallechinsky said.  “You’re on the way out; you can say whatever you want.”

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