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College professor: Coronavirus vaccine will fulfill “the prophecy of the mark of the beast”

The Chronicle of Higher Education examines the vicious message one Ferris State University professor wrote.

In a three-page written statement posted on Monday, Brennan denied that he is racist or anti-Semitic, and said that he does not think Covid-19 is a hoax. But the statement reiterates his belief that the pandemic is “a stunt designed to enslave humanity and strip us of all of our rights and freedoms.” The statement goes on to call Covid-19 a “fear-spell,” to claim that a vaccine will fulfill “the prophecy of the mark of the beast,” and to repeat conspiracy theories about the moon landing, the atomic bomb, and a “satanic, globalist elite.”

The Torch, the student-run newspaper at Ferris State, has additional information about Brennan’s beliefs.

A tweet from Oct. 4, 2019, identifies Brennan, saying “I’m a professor of physics and astronomy at Ferris State University in Michigan.” The last public tweet about COVID-19 from the account reads “Covid19 is simply (their) attempt to turn us all into slaves. They’ve failed.”

Brennan declined to speak to the Torch in any capacity multiple times, but after specifically asked about the Twitter account in an email, the account was made private.

The account’s other tweets in regard to COVID-19 say things such as:

“Guess what the covid stunt has failed. You won’t get your leftist new world order.”

“Covid19 is another jewish revolution.”

“F— this evil wizard,” in reference to a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

“Stand up for yourselves people, and stop falling for this corona virus hoax!”

“I’d say covid-19 is fake. An evil medical system just killed a bunch of old people.”

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